The launch of the Essem Group Health Campaign Q3 2016 was well received, with exciting activities geared towards a "Fit Body, Innovative Mind" organization.

This drive was officiated by Essem Group Managing Director, Fuzz Sufian in equalizing a work-life balance and

keeping all personnel fit and in focus to overcome all aspects of challenges.

Stress is known as a killer disease and is linked to the six leading causes of death. In spite of this, Essem Group takes aboard an initiative approach via a Health Campaign, which allows personnel to have healthier lives,

greater confidence and better attitudes to achieve higher goals in both work and life.

Through integrated programs structured within the company such as Fitness Exercises, Wellness Programs, Crash Courses, Blood Tests and Health Screenings,

Essem Group is promoting a healthy lifestyle approach that is well developed in culture, mindsets and progress.

Posted on 30|09|2016